Enjoy Some Goldfish In A Plant


columnea gold fish plant

Goldfish plants (columnea) are simply fun and adorable to have around.

Although you might be tempted to douse these goldfish – please don’t!  Over-watering this plant is a surefire way to kill them off.

They like moderate water in their growing season.  But during their dormant time (usually the winter months) you’ll want to keep the soil almost dry.

Columnea like high humidity so placing them on a pebble tray is a great idea when grown as an indoor plant.  But this plant hates wet roots!  Keeping the Goldfish plant on a saucer or tray, then onto the pebble tray is a wise move to prevent the roots or soil from drawing up water from the humidity tray.

If your Goldfish is going to be an indoor plant, find a lightly bright spot that offers indirect lighting for them.  They are good with the average room temperature for the most part.

columnea goldfish plant 2

They can be propagated by taking steam cuttings.  Simply place the cuttings in a small pot of soil, watering lightly.  In a few weeks you should see roots on the steam base.  At that point they can be potted up together or given to friends as gifts.

Aphids and mealybugs find the Goldfish plant a tasty meal, so watch out for them!

These are really cute plants that kids and adults find charming year round.

Go ahead, try growing a few.  You know you’ve been won over by their cuteness already.

A Decision For Feng Shui

There has been much written of the practice of Feng Shui over the years.  The concept has fascinated me for a long time, yet I did little to incorporate this type of teaching into my daily life.

I truthfully didn’t understand how it could benefit me, so over time I allowed the “plan” of learning more about Feng Shui fade away.

Now I have come to a place in my life where I long for calmness and balance.

Although there are other ways to find what I seek, I decided to rekindle that spark of interest in this practice once again.

The one basic question everyone has is:

What Exactly Is Feng Shui?

  • * an acceptance that the relationship between humans and their environment does have a natural ebb and flow of energy
  • * understanding that there is energy in everything, including us
  • * using that natural flow of energy in a harmonious way that benefits us not only with a calmness of mind, but with physical benefits as well
  • * placing objects (including ourselves) in ways that either allow the natural energy flow or to block it completely while we redirect it to another area of our lives

Oh, I know.  To the Western mind all of this sounds so mystical and not the least bit logical.

Yet.  I have sat in the home of a friend who set up her living spaces through the use of Feng Shui teachings.  And I have to tell you that I do feel differently when in her home.  There is a calmness yet energizing feeling of existing in her home that I’ve experienced nowhere else.

So let’s learn more about this fascinating, age old concept and way of life together.  I’m looking forward to the experience

Lucky Bamboo ~ A Truly Multi-Purpose Plant

There are many plants that are hardy or practically indestructible.  Note that I said “practically” for any plant has it’s limits.

One that is very easy to take care of, decorative and mentally helpful as well is the Lucky Bamboo.  For a while these plants were popping up everywhere, but now they’ve settled in with those that truly enjoy them.  Fads fade, but a beautiful plant arrangement can bring pleasure for years.

This is a website that’s been around for a few years and has undergone a transformation of sorts.  The information has been made easier for you to find what you need.  And hopefully (if I’ve done it right) you’ll find lots of ideas on how to care for, display and use your Lucky Bamboo Plants in various ways around the house.

Welcome to Lucky Bamboo Plants.  Now, let’s get started.