I have always loved working with plants and flowers.  I can’t recall a time in my life when I didn’t enjoy this lovely pass-time.  Even as a child, I had my own section of the family garden – – no comment on how well my veggies turned out compared to my mom’s..but hey, I was a kid!

I enjoy growing everything from purely everlasting green plants to flowering African Violets.  I consider myself a true indoor gardener.  For a few years I was even growing cactus from seeds with some success and managed to get a few older cactus to bloom, not an easy task when I live far far away from their natural environment!

I hope you enjoy wandering around this site about Lucky Bamboo plants.  I enjoy their beauty both in the plants themselves and the many ways they can be displayed.

Oftentimes, the most beautiful plants are seen as extremely difficult to have in one’s home.  Truly this thought should be tossed out the window of our minds immediately!  There is always a way to learn to tend to any plant that can be bought or given as a gift, one just has to do a little bit of research on how to care for that plant.  It is my hope that if you have bought your first Lucky Bamboo plant or have been given some Lucky Bamboo Stalks as a gift that the information I have given here has been helpful to you.

Since there are so many beautiful plants you may also find information about other various decor options using the unique and fasinating world of plants.

Happy Gardening to you be it indoors or outdoors!


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