Lucky Bamboo ~ A Truly Multi-Purpose Plant

There are many plants that are hardy or practically indestructible.  Note that I said “practically” for any plant has it’s limits.

One that is very easy to take care of, decorative and mentally helpful as well is the Lucky Bamboo.  For a while these plants were popping up everywhere, but now they’ve settled in with those that truly enjoy them.  Fads fade, but a beautiful plant arrangement can bring pleasure for years.

This is a website that’s been around for a few years and has undergone a transformation of sorts.  The information has been made easier for you to find what you need.  And hopefully (if I’ve done it right) you’ll find lots of ideas on how to care for, display and use your Lucky Bamboo Plants in various ways around the house.

Welcome to Lucky Bamboo Plants.  Now, let’s get started.

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